Preserve your Wedding Day Memories

There are so many wonderful things to remember about a wedding day.  And we go to great lengths to conserve these moments to look back on in future years.  And technology allows us to do this with photographs, videos, and so on.  You want your wedding day to be perfect, and visually, along with the garments, the ceremony and the reception venue, the flowers are a huge component of the whole event.   They are also a major, sometimes gobsmackingly prominent part of your Wedding Budget!
On the day, everyone is looking first at the Bride and her Gown, and then, of course, the Flowers!  So, what could be better than making that extra investment in preserving these special blooms long after the event - to reinforce the joy and the memories of your wedding day!
Mildura Flowers' Mary Crisera is an accredited expert in this area, so you can make no better choice than passing your treasured wedding day flowers to her to create a unique and timeless memento!  (Click on any image below for more detail)

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